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Sunbed / Sauna / Spa

These services are the icing on top of the cake for our services here at Gloucester Cottage.

They can take your beauty experience to the next level and go hand in hand with the relaxation factor.

The Spa can be a perfect introduction to your services with us – jump in for half an hour before a massage or facial, or invite some friends and make an afternoon out of it.

It’s kept at a toasty temperature all year round, and the wooden gazebo around it provides you with privacy while you relax.

The sauna can help relax sore muscles and has a number of proven benefits including:
Soothing aches and pain in your joints, flushing toxins from your body, cleansing your skin and even helping you sleep better!

The sunbed can give you a beautiful summer glow – even in the middle of winter!

We use the Fitzpatrick Method to ensure that we’re setting you down the perfect path for your skin type and that you’ll get the best results from the bed.

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